Toscana Football Club, the second team of the city of Florence, made history by reaching the top football division from the lowest categories. Today, however, the team is in trouble: the financial meltdown and the fear of relegation are increasingly turning into a terrible certainty.

The Tessari family, owner of the club in crisis, is forced to sell half of the company in order to save it. The new partner chosen by the president is a Chinese entrepreneur: a wealthy and influential man who sees in the financial operation an opportunity to exploit Florence as a brand. The sale of the club is not appreciated by a powerful and influential soccer eminence, Maurizio Corridoni, who, both because of his affection for the team and his personal interests, is willing to do anything to take over the football club. Vincenzo Tessari, the president’s bumbling son, will have to get busy if he is to win a manager’s position in the world of soccer that matters and prove to his father that he is worthy. He does not realize that he is starting a battle against a powerful enemy like Corridoni, but more importantly that he will have to go through corporate scandals, love trials, and family drama to succeed.

  • Year: 2022
  • Format: Season 1 / 6×50’
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Production: Coproduction Cross Productions and Das Netz GmbH


Alberto Paradossi
Gaetano Bruno
Maurizio Mattioli
Raymond Thiry
Massimo Ghini
Galatea Ranzi
Orso Maria Guerrini
Massimo Wertmuller
Beatrice Arnera
Livio Kone
Yoon C. Joyce


Ferdinand Dohna, Matthias Hartmann, Rosario Rinaldo (APA), Maddalena Rinaldo

Executive Producer Cross Production:
Piergiuseppe “Beppe” Serra

Executive Producers Das Netz GmbH:
Koby Gal Raday, Moritz V. Kruedener

Creative producer Cross Productions:
Martina Barsotti

Volfango De Biasi (ep. 1-3), Lorenzo Sportiello (ep.4-6)

Idea and concept:
Matthias Hartmann, Plinio Bachmann, Luca Manzi, Daniele Rielli, Gianluca Leoncini, Valerio Cilio

Gianluca Leoncini, Valerio Cilio

Roberto Forza (ep.1-3), Timoty Aliprandi (ep.4-6)

Post production:
Monia Calzola

Stefano Chierchie’ (ep.1-3)
Federica Forcesi (ep.4-6)

Set designer:
Carlo Aloisio

Costume designer:
Grazia Materia (ep.1-3)
Grazia Materia, Rosanna
Sisto (ep.4-6)

Music by:
Michele Braga, Emanuele Bossi

Music publishing:

International distributor:
Beta Film