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Cross Productions is an audiovisual production company, established in July 2013 following Beta Film Gmbh’s acquisition of the shares previously held by Magnolia SPA in Magnolia Fiction.

Since then, it has immediately entered the Italian and foreign scene with productions for the international market, thanks to the continuous search for originality and inclusiveness that characterizes the company.

Cross Productions focuses on creating content for some of the most important broadcasters and OTT players in the Italian and international audiovisual scene (Rai, Mediaset, Sky, Netflix, Prime Video) and invests, at the same time, in the research and experimentation of new production models for emerging markets.

Cross Productions’ production is diversified in terms of genres and formats: from series and miniseries for generalist TV such as Il Cacciatore (Sold in more than 50 countries and winner of the Best Lead Actor Award at Canneseries 2018), Rocco Schiavone (Sold in more than 100 countries, it is Rai 2’s most watched series of the last 10 years), Brennero (airing on Rai 1 in 2024), Una Grande Famiglia (among the most viewed series on Rai 1) and many others, to content for platforms such as TV series Skam Italia (among the most viewed TV series on Netflix and winner of the Silver Ribbon and diversity award in 2021) and Prisma (winner of the Silver Ribbon as best dramedy series and diversity award in 2023).


Rosario Rinaldo

The presence of Rosario Rinaldo, as CEO of the company, confirms the production continuity that characterized the activity of both Magnolia Fiction and Pequod, an independent company of which he was the founder and sole director. With Pequod, Rosario won the David di Donatello in 2005 for the film Certi bambini by Andrea and Antonio Frazzi.



He was a RAI board member (from 1997 to 1993), a parliamentarian of the Italian Republic (from 1996 to 2013) and APA president (from 2014 to 2017). He has written several books, including “DC, racconto di un partito”, with Sellerio and “Via Savoia“, with la Nave di Teseo. He was vice president of the Council of Ministers in 2004-2005.

About us


Maddalena Rinaldo

Producer & Head of Content


Head of Legal Affairs

Cesare Castronovo

Legal Affairs

Giuseppe Proietti

Head of International Coproductions and Acquisitions

Samuele Proietti

International Coproductions

Davide Cogni

Creative Producer

Martina Barsotti

Creative Producer

Adriano Scaccia

Head of Administration Office

federica Malpicci


Monia Calzola

Post Production Manager

Silvia Siano

Music Supervisor

Monica Moro

Personal Assistant Rosario Rinaldo

Adalgisa Alessandro

Office Supervisor


Marzio Paoltroni

Responsible for editorial coordination

Isotta Paccanelli
Fosca Raia
Andrea Bondioli