Based on Series SKAM by NRK – Created by Julie Andem.

For four seasons, teenagers all over the world followed every move of their peers in Skam, the Norwegian teen drama that in no time quickly became a global phenomenon. Cross Productions produced and adapted the format for Italy, creating the most watched version of the format second only to the original.

Each Skam’s season is told from the point of view of one of the protagonists: Eva, Martino, Eleonora, and Sana, four students attending a high school in Rome. SKAM Italia has enjoyed great success both critically and audience-wise in Italy and all over the world and is considered by Buzzfeed to be the best version after the original.

The first three seasons of SKAM Italia are still in the top ten most watched series in the world on Netflix.

  • Year: 2017-2024
  • Format: Seasons 1-6 / 62×20′-30’
  • Genre: Teen Drama
  • Produced by: coproduction Tim Vision and Cross Productions (S1-4) in association with Netflix (S5)


Ludovica Martino
Ludovico Tersigni
Benedetta Gargari
Federico Cesari 
Greta Ragusa
Martina Lelio
Beatrice Bruschi
Pietro Turano
Rocco Fasano
Luca Grispini
Francesco Centorame
Giancarlo Commare
Nina Fotaras
Nicholas Zerbini
Massimo Reale
Ibrahim Keshk
Mehdi Meskar
Lea Gavino
Nicole Rossi
Andrea Luna Posocco
Cosimo Longo
Anna Di Luzio


Rosario Rinaldo and Maddalena Rinaldo (Cross Productions) and (S1-2-3) Annamaria Morelli  (Timvision) 

Executive producer Cross Productions:
Marco Mastrogiacomo 

Creative producer Cross Productions:
Ludovico Bessegato

Ludovico Bessegato S1-2-4
Ludovico Di Martino S3
Tiziano Russo S5-6 

Written by:
Ludovico Bessegato e Anita Rivaroli S1
Ludovico Bessegato e Marco Borromei S2
Ludovico Bessegato, Ludovico Di Martino, Alice Urciuolo with the collaboration of Marco Borromei S3
Ludovico Bessegato S4-5-6

Benjamin Maier S1-2
Emanuele Pasquet S3-4
Vito Frangione S5

Post production:
Monia Calzola

Federico Palmerini S1-2-4
Niccolò Notario S3
Giorgia Currà S5-6

Set designer:
Noemi Marchica S1-2
Elisabetta Zanini S3-4
Vito Zito S5

Costume designer:
Lisangela Sabbatella S1-2-3
Luca Masetti S4
Noemi Intino S5-6