rocco schiavone

Based on the novels and short stories by Antonio Manzini, published by Sellerio.

Rocco Schiavone, Deputy Police Commissioner, Roman through and through, finds himself sent to the northern city of Aosta. The class of ’66, he is opinionated, sarcastic in the true Roman sense, ill-mannered and cynical with everyone and everything, while also having a heart of gold.

Transferred to Aosta for disciplinary reasons, he has a very personal sense of ethics, which rarely meets with how a cop should behave. And his actions often go beyond the limits of the law. A man with an obscure past, and numerous skeletons in the closet…

  • Year: 2016/2022
  • Format: Seasons 1-4 / 18×100’
  • Genre: Crime
  • Produced by: coproduction Rai Fiction, Cross Productions and Beta Film


Marco Giallini
Isabella Ragonese
Claudia Vismara
Ernesto D’Argenio
Christian Ginepro
Gino Nardella
Massimiliano Caprara
Alberto Lo Porto
Massimo Reale
Lorenza Indovina
Filippo Dini
Massimo Olcese
Tullio Sorrentino
Mirko Frezza
Francesco Acquaroli
Carlo Ponti
Anna Bellato
Valeria Solarino


Rosario Rinaldo

Executive producer Cross Productions:

Alessandro Passadore S1
Marco Mastrogiacomo S2-3-4

Creative producer Cross Productions:

Ludovico Bessegato S1
Maddalena Rinaldo S2-3-4

Associate producers Rai:
Alessandro Carbone and Fania Petrocchi

Post production:
Monia Calzola

Michele Soavi S1
Giulio Manfredonia S2
Simone Spada S3-4

Based on the novels and short stories by:
Antonio Manzini published in Italy by Sellerio

Written by:
Antonio Manzini and Maurizio Careddu

Michele D’Attanasio S1
Fabrizio Lucci S2-3
Fabrizio Lucci e Valerio Azzali S4

Pietro Morana S1
Alessio Doglione S2
Valentina Girodo S3-4

Set designer:
Francesca Passadore S1-2
Elisabetta Zanini S3-4

Costume designer:
Monica Simeone S1
Angela Capuano S2
Giorgia Guglielman S3-4

Internation distributor:
Beta Film

Corrado Carosio and Pierangelo Fornaro

Music Editions:
Rai Com