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Anna is an economics researcher, lives in Rome, has a loving husband and three children who look like her. Her life changes when she decides to follow her husband and go back to the small town of Calura, in southern Italy, where she originally came from. There, reminiscences of the past undermine her marriage and Anna decides to leave her husband and start over.

From that moment on, she gets more and more involved: she is elected the new mayor and, in a few months, revolutionizes the small village, bringing a breath of fresh air in terms of legality, transparency and economic revitalization. Difficulties, however, are not long in coming: very soon Anna will have to cope with her past, her former friends, a great love that ended abruptly and the mysterious disappearance of her friend Lucia. When her world looks as though it might fall apart, her family is in danger, Anna will win her battle thanks to the help of fellow citizens.

  • YEAR: 2015
  • FORMAT: 6×100’
  • GENRE: Drama
  • PRODUCED BY: coproduction Rai Fiction and Cross Productions


Violante Placido
Francesco Montanari
Fausto Maria Sciarappa
Michele Placido
Ninni Bruschetta
Loredana Cannata
Valentina Romani
Cristiano Caccamo
Lorenzo Zurzolo
Ginevra Ionta
Gioia Spaziani
Teresa Saponangelo
Marco Leonardi


Rosario Rinaldo

Michele Soavi

Idea by:
Sandro Petraglia and Elena Bucaccio

Sandro Petraglia and Elena Bucaccio

Written by:
Sandro Petraglia, Elena Bucaccio, Vincenzo Lauria, Valia Santella, Filippo Gravino, Guido Iuculano, Giacomo Bisanti, Matteo Visconti and Fidel Signorile

Giovanni Mammolotti (AIC)

Pietro Morana

Set designer:
Luca Gobbi

Costume designer:
Monica Simeone

General manager:
Luca Bitterlin

International distributor:

Paolo Vivaldi