Prism explores the relationships and identities of Marco and Andrea, twins who are identical in appearance but profoundly different in their anxieties. The twins usher in a journey of discovery that will also involve their group of friends, all of whom are accumulated by the search for their place in the world and the attempt to express the true identity behind appearances.

Andrea, bright and determined, is forced to repeat his year of school after being caught dealing drugs. Confident and seemingly fearless, he is actually questioning and exploring his gender identity.

Marco, Andrea’s twin brother but completely different from him, is introverted and taciturn, and after months of not being able to train in the pool because ofa bad accident, he must deal with pressure from his family.

Carola is constantly seeking the approval of others; Daniele, who has not figured out whether his future is in the world of music or competitive swimming, is desperately searching for a sincere and all-encompassing love; and then Nina, a loner and militant lesbian, is always fierce and pissed off, but hides from the world, and especially from herself, a great and profound fragility.

  • Year: 2022
  • Format: Stagioni 1 / 8×40’
  • Genre: Teen Drama
  • Production: Coproduction Amazon Content Services and Cross Productions


Mattia Carrano
Lorenzo Zurzolo
Caterina Forza
Chiara Bordi
Matteo Scattaretico


Produced by:
Cross Productions 

Executive Producer:
Rosario Rinaldo

Associate Producer:
Maddalena Rinaldo

Line Producer:
Marco Mastrogiacomo

Ludovico Bessegato 

Developed by:
Ludovico Bessegato
Alice Urciuolo
Giulio Calvani

Written by:
Ludovico Bessegato 
Alice Urciuolo 

Benjamin Maier 

Monia Calzola

Federico Palmerini 

Set Designer:
Noemi Marchica 

Costume Designer:
Ginevra De Carolis

Ginevra Nervi