pigeon airlines

The airplane is the most popular and comfortable means of transportation. How many of us have flown at least once? But events in the cockpit remain a mystery to most. Pigeon Airlines is a mini sitcom that reveals what goes on in the cockpit during those long hours of flight.

The lead characters are Captain Enrico Gasparini and his co-pilot Max Conti, employees of Pigeon Airlines, a low-cost company owned by Mister ‘Slave driver’ Piccione. Enrico’s Milanese fastidiousness and conceit put together with Max’s Roman carelessness and traditional beliefs act as the spark that triggers comic situations bordering on the absurd and surreal. They will be accompanied on their long-distance flights by lovely, airheaded Josephine and war-veteran Silvana.

  • Year: 2008/2009
  • Format: 330×6’
  • Genre: comedy
  • Produced by: Rai Fiction created by Magnolia Fiction in collaboration with ITC Movie


Enrico Bertolino
Max Tortora
Gisella Burinato
Jessica Polsky


Rosario Rinaldo

Executive producer:
Alessandro Tedeschi

Celeste Laudisio

Idea by:
Max Tortora

A series by:
Carlo Giuseppe Gabardini, Piero Guerrera, Celeste Laudisio and Andrea Zalone

Written by:
Carlo Giuseppe Gabardini, Piero Guerrera, Andrea Zalone con Enrico Bertolino and Max Tortora

Davide Aicardi, Michele Ampollini, Annalisa Arione, Carlo Bassetti, Federica Campana, Carolina Capria, Massimo Chiellini, Luca Celoria, Paolo Fittipaldi, Simone Laudiero, Antonio Losito, Fabrizio Luisi, Mariella Martucci, Ivan Garcia Moreno, Maria Daniela Raineri, Marianna Stefanucci, Pier Mauro Tamburini, Fabio Vassallo, Valentina Vertucci

Nicola Lorenzi

Matteo Bosi

Vladimiro Politti e Stefano Carnello per Interactive Group

Set designer:
Max Zucca for Studio Zucca

Costume designer:
Elena Paleari and Silvia Giacò

Production Coordinator: Marco Chiappa

General Manager:
Marcello Mereu

Giuliano Cantini, Fernando Fera and Fabio Malerba

Music edition:
MilanoRoma and Rai Trade