kitchen break

The Mancinis are a typical middleclass Milanese family, most of the story taking place in the kitchen of their apartment. The lead characters of this domestic comedy are: Papà Franco, the owner of a car hire company, as arrogant and attached to money as he is to his family; Mamma Silvana, a sweet, dreamy high school teacher; their two children, Marco and Alessia, respectively incompetent medical student and high school student. Regular visitors to their kitchen are Franco’s brother, who is always involved in a shady deal or two; Silvana’s sister and her improbable boyfriends; a charming next-door neighbour who is a steward; the lonely and frustrated administrator; the highly intelligent immigrant, who lives in the apartment below; and many others. What do they have in common? They will bring their problems to the Mancini home, and Franco will do his worst to solve them in his favour.

  • Year: 2005
  • Format: 200×5’
  • Genre: comedy
  • Produced by: Cross Productions


Flavio Insinna
Franco Mancini
Marina Massironi
Silvana Mancini


Magnolia and Pequod

Fabio Bertini

Written by:
Franco Bertini, Andrea Blarzino, Paolo Cananzi, Denny Cecchini, Claudio Fois, Fabrizio Gasparetto, Magda Geronimo, Andrea Lolli, Paola Mammini, Max Orfei and Carola Silvestrelli

Daniele Poli

Francesco Paglia and Maria Chiara Verrigni

Set designer:
Arcangela Di Lorenzo

Costume design:
Daniela Ciancio

Marco Manusso