tv series

stripper nanny

The series tells the adventures of Anna Modigliani, aka Nina Monamour, a beautiful and charming striptease artist at the Chicago nightclub, whose dream is to buy the club’s license and turn it into a theater for musicals. Unfortunately, to buy the license, her boyfriend Tony gets into debt with the local loan shark “Il Secco”. Anna immediately looks for a day job to pay off the debt, and is hired as a nanny for the five Ferrari kids, the children of a wealthy entrepreneur, who is a widower. Initially, Anna has a hard time being accepted by the five kids, scions of upper-class Milan, who are totally cold and insensitive to her warmth and sincerity.  But thanks to the affection and support that only a real mother would know how to give, she eventually wins them over. 

However, her sincerity and beauty will also cause a breach in the heart of Ferdinando, the kids’ glacial father. He soon succumbs to Anna’s charms and, unable to resist this rush of feelings, falls in love with her and recreates a family harmony that since the loss of his wife seemed lost forever. The bond between Anna, Ferdinando and the five children will grow even stronger when the Ferrari family finds itself in financial trouble due to a treacherous banker. Anna will help them cope, while finding joy even in these difficult times.

  • Year: 2008/2010
  • Format Seasons 1-2 / 12×50’
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Produced by: A RTI production created by Magnolia Fiction


Sabrina Ferilli
Pierre Cosso
Jane Alexander
Raul Cremona
Riccardo Garrone
Andréa Ferréol
Franco Castellano
Massimo Ciavarro
Paolo Conticini


Rosario Rinaldo

Monica Vullo S1
Franco Amurri S2

Based on the tv series:
“Ana y los siete” original idea by Ana G. Obregon produced by Star Line Productions S.L. for Television Espanola S.A.U.

Maddalena De Panfilis, Tania Dimartino, Aida Mangia and Massimo Torre S1
Maddalena De Panfilis, Tania Dimartino, Giovanna Koch, Aida Mangia, Francesca Primavera, Massimo Torre and Franco Amurri S2

Written by:
Aida Mangia, Massimo Torre, Anna Mittone, Massimo Russo, Gianluca Bomprezzi and Herbert Simone Paragnani S1
Franco Amurri, Stefania Bertola, Stefano Sudriè and Nicola Guaglianone S2

Stefano Falivene S1
Massimo Intoppa S2

Danilo Perticara S1
Valentina Girodo S2

Set designer:
Giada Calabria S1
Luigi Marchione S2

Costume designer:
Gianna Gissi S1
Francesca Sartori S2

General manager:
Luciano Calzola

Pivio De Scalzi and Aldo De Scalzi S1
Stefano Cenci S2