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140 seconds

Speed is the language of modern times. As an Italian adaptation of the brilliant French comedy series “Bref”, 140 Seconds tells, in only two minutes per episode, the story of an ordinary thirty-year-old guy who faces the typical everyday problems of a young man: finding a job, paying the rent and most difficult of all… finding a girlfriend.

  • Year: 2015
  • Format: 15×2′ 20”
  • Genre: Sketch-Comedy
  • Produced by: Cross Productions in collaboration with Rai Fiction


Valerio Bergesio
Antonella Attili
Enrico Chirico
Lorena Cacciatore
Alessia D’Anna
Maurizio Di Carmine


Rosario Rinaldo

Executive producers:
Marianna De Liso, Valerio Bergesio and Alessandro Passadore

Creative producer:
Ludovico Bessegato

Valerio Bergesio with the collaboration of Marcello Saurino and Marisa Vallone

Based on the:
Format entitled “Bref” originally created by Harry Tordjman and written by Bruno Muschio & Kyan Khojandi

Valerio Bergesio

Written by:
Valerio Bergesio and (eps. from 22 to 55) Sara Cavosi

Edoardo Carlo Bolli

Post production:
Monia Calzola

Giulio Tiberti

Set designer:
Giuliana Lipparini

Costume designer:
Sara Fanelli

International distributor: