The Grand Family

Locandina The Grand Family

2011, 2013, 2014


Rai Uno

Time slot

Prime Time

Directed by
  • Riccardo Milani (2011)
  • Riccardo Milani (2013)
  • Riccardo Donna (2014)
  • 6x100′ (2012)
  • 8x100′ (2013)
  • 8x100’ (2014)
  • Stefania Sandrelli
  • Alessandro Gassman
  • Gianni Cavina
  • Stefania Rocca
  • Giorgio Marchesi
  • Sarah Felberbaum
  • Ivan Cotroneo
  • Stefano Bises
  • Monica Rametta


The Rengonis are the perfect Italian family. Eleonora and Ernesto Rengoni founded one of Northern Italy’s leading industries, and raised five wonderful children. Edoardo, who slowly takes over the company from his father; Raoul, a man with a conscience, dedicated to the saving of young people in trouble; Laura, successful attorney and dedicated Catholic; Nicoletta, a university researcher; and finally Stefano the youngest, whose passion for cars takes the edge off an unsatisfying job in the family business. The family unity is suddenly broken by a tragic event that will reveal serious company problems, grudges and a few skeletons in the closet. All this against a backdrop of Northern Italy and its industries, a reality never truly narrated on television.
3rd series outline
Serenity and harmony inside the Rengoni family are interrupted by the arrival at the villa of a new sister who nobody knew about. A very different woman from them who, together with her two teen-aged daughters, will cause confusion arousing conflicts and hilarious situations among brothers and grandchildren. But her mother Eleonora is so happy to hug that daughter she had to give up when 16 years old that she offers her and her granddaughter to officially take part of the family. But who is really this woman? In her eyes you can perceive signs of a not easy life and some dangerous secrets that could involve their family…
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