Stripper Nanny 2

Locandina Stripper Nanny 2

Prime time Canale 5

Directed by
  • Franco Amurri
  • 6x100’
  • Sabrina Ferilli
  • Pierre Cosso
  • Riccardo Garrone
  • Andrea Ferréol
  • Franco Amurri
  • Stefano Sudriè
  • Stefania Bertola
  • Nicola Guaglianone


The second series of this fortunate program still has Anna Modigliani as its leading character. Having given up her Nina Mon Amour life, she rushes to Rome to be with her sick mother. But Ferdinand and the five Ferrari boys can’t bear being separated from their beloved nanny and so, together with Anna, they move into a beautiful home in the city center. But the good times are about to end. A mysterious banker has set his sights on the family business and in no time at all bankrupts it. Ferdinando and the five boys find themselves in new territory – poverty. Anna teaches them how to survive and to smile no matter how harsh times have become. She is an example to them all. To make ends meet, tenacious Anna gets a job in a successful television soap opera. In the meantime, thanks to advice from their nanny, the five boys learn to stand on their own two feet, experiencing their first loves and first disappointments, and being resolute and single-minded enough to restore the family business to its former glory. As far as Anna and Ferdinando are concerned, both prey to the difficulties of reconciling their love with their different backgrounds, in the end they will find their longed for happiness.


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