Skam Italia

Locandina Skam Italia


Directed by
  • Ludovico Bessegato
  • S1-S2
  • Ludovico Di Martino S3
  • 11x20-30'' S1
  • 10x20'-30' S2
  • 11x20'-30' S3
  • Ludovica Martino
  • Ludovico Tersigni
  • Benedetta Gargari
  • Federico Cesari
  • Greta Ragusa
  • Martina Lelio
  • Beatrice Bruschi
  • Nina Fotaras
  • Andrea Luna Posocco
  • Luca Grispini
  • Francesco Centorame
  • Giancarlo Commare
  • Lorenzo Vigevano
  • Clementina Aliberti Peluso
  • Giulia Schiavo
  • Valentina Romani
  • Bianca Nappi
  • Marco Todisco
  • Ludovico Bessegato e Anita Rivaroli S1
  • Ludovico Bessegato e Marco Borromei S2
  • Ludovico Bessegato, Ludovico Di Martino,
  • Alice Urciuolo S3
Direttore della fotografia
  • Benjamin Maier S1-S2
  • Emanuele Pasquet S3
  • Noemi Marchica S1-S2
  • Elisabetta Zanini S3
  • Federico Palmerini S1-S2
  • Niccolò Notario S3
  • Lisangela Sabbatella
  • Paola San Giorgio, Federico Diliberto Paulsen, Silvia Siano
Prodotto da
  • Cross Productions - Tim Vision
Distributore internazionale
  • Beta Film

Based on Series SKAM by NRK – Created by Julie Andem

For four seasons, the teenagers of the world followed every move of their contemporaries in Skam, the Norwegian teen drama that in no time at all became a bona fide global phenomenon.

Cross Productions has produced and adapted the format for Italy, becoming one of the seven countries allowed to make an official remake. The others are France, USA, Germany, Belgium, Holland and Spain.

Skam’s every season is told from the point of view of its protagonists: Eva, Martino and Eleonora, three students at a high school in Rome. The episodes are made up of numerous clips that are published in real time on the official site, but the viewers may learn more about the story through extra contents, like the social profiles of the protagonists and their WhatsApp conversations. SKAM Italy has enjoyed great success both critically and audience-wise in Italy and all over the world, and is considered by Buzzfeed to be the best version after the original.

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