Rocco Schiavone

Locandina Rocco Schiavone

Rocco Schiavone is a co-production of RAI Fiction and Cross Productions in association with Beta Film. Beta Film also handles the international rights :


2016/ 2017


Rai Due

Time slot

Prime Time

Directed by
  • Michele Soavi Stagione 1
  • Giulio Manfredonia Stagione 2
  • 6x100’
  • 4x100'
  • Marco Giallini
  • Claudia Vismara
  • Ernesto D’Argenio
  • Fabio La Fata
  • Massimiliano Caprara
  • Christian Ginepro
  • Gino Nardella
  • Massimo Reale
  • Francesca Cavallin
  • Isabella Ragonese (partecipazione straordinaria)
  • Anna Ferzetti
  • Tullio Sorrentino
  • Mirko Frezza
  • Lorenza Indovina
  • Duccio Camerini
  • Roberto Ciufoli
  • Erica Blanc
  • Antonio Manzini
  • Antonio Manzini
  • Maurizio Careddu
  • Chiara Agnello
Direttore della fotografia
  • Michele D'Attanasio (prima serie) Fabrizio Lucci (seconda serie)
  • Francesca Passadore
  • Pietro Morana (prima serie) Alessio Doglione (seconda serie)
  • Monica Simeone (prima serie) Angela Capuano (seconda serie)
  • Fabio Conca (prima serie) Umberto Montesanti (seconda serie)
  • Corrado Carosio e Pierangelo Fornaro Corrado CAROSIO e Pierangelo FORNARO per Bottega del Suono – Edizioni Musicali RaiCom
Prodotto da
  • Rosario Rinaldo
Distributore internazionale
  • Beta Film

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The crime series Rocco Schiavone follows in the footsteps of high-level national crime shows such as “Gomorrah” with spectacular ratings on broadcaster RAI 2 during its broadcast last weeks. The six part series thrilled constantly more than three million up to nearly five million viewers on Italian prime time with a market share of 13% up to 15% by more than doubling the channel’s average. The gritty crime series (6 x two hours) is based on the international best-selling novels by Antonio Manzini and centers on Deputy Police Chief Rocco Schiavone, who is not what you would call a role model police officer. Sarcastic, ill-tempered, charismatic and not all too law abiding, the native Roman with all his fibers must keep his mood swings at bay. As a result of vigilantism, the seasoned detective is exiled to the more provincial alpine Aosta Valley in the midst of ice and snow – but snow isn’t the only thing in the habit of covering up in the Italian Alps…


Rocco Schiavone is the main character of the crime novels written by the Italian writer Antonio Manzini. Schiavone is a policeman very proud of his hometown, Rome. That’s the reason why for disciplinary reasons, he has been moved to Aosta a little city in the middle of the Alps. But let’s move gradually. Rocco Schiavone, 49 years old, is arrogant, sarcastic (as all the Roman people are), rude , cynic, and he hates his job. Most of all he hates Aosta. But he’s talented and has a very peculiar ethics, very different from the ethics of a common policeman. He speaks a vulgar language. He is violent and his actions often get off the borders of law. A man with an obscure backstory and several skeletons in his closet…


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