Love, Inevitably

Locandina Love, Inevitably



Telecinco/Canale 5

Time slot

Prime Time

Directed by
  • Ivan Silvestrini
  • 7x80' Es
  • 4x100’ Ita
  • Megan Montaner
  • Alessandro Tiberi
  • Rosario Pardo
  • Pepon Nieto
  • Pamela Villoresi
  • Teco Celio
  • Valeria Bilello
  • Carlos Lobrado "Nene"
  • Ican Franek
  • Celia De Molina
  • Roberto Campillo
  • Juan Fernandez
  • Christian Ginepro
  • Antonio Zavatteri
  • Mariola Fuentes
  • Da un'idea di Veronica Fernandez per Big Bang Media
  • Marco Tiberi (soggetto di serie ed head writer)
  • Marco Tiberi
  • Marzio Paoltroni
  • Barbara Alpuente
  • Federico Lunadei Maroder
  • Maurizio Careddu
Direttore della fotografia
  • Davide Manca
  • Arcangela Di Lorenzo
  • Alberto Masi
  • Claudio Cordaro
  • Brando Mosca
  • Michele Braga e Tommy Caputo
Prodotto da
  • Mediaset Spagna - Cross Productions
Distributore internazionale
  • Beta Film

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Love, Inevitably is about an incredible and sudden love, made up of reality and imagination. It is the story of Candela and Massimo, a dancer from Seville and an entrepreneur from Rome, two complete opposites, two antipodes, two parallels who can’t help but meet. It all starts in Prague, where our protagonists meet by chance. It is hate at first sight. And yet they can’t stay away from each other. Once back in their home countries, they reappear in each other’s Visions, in their thoughts. It will be hard to accept, but from that moment on they will have to put up with paranormal phenomena that will present themselves at the most inopportune moments, to demand attention, to manipulate their choices, to judge their behavior and will end up falling in love with them. But one can’t use the word “together” when talking about a ghost, so they will begin to pursue the dream of making their love real.


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