The courage of Angela

Locandina The courage of Angela



Rai 1

Time slot

Prime Time

Directed by
  • Luciano Manuzzi
  • 2x100′
  • Lunetta Savino
  • Gianluca Di Gennaro
  • Andrea Tidona
  • Gaetano Amato
  • Antonio Pennarella
  • Vincenzo Pirozzi
  • Maria Pia
  • Ninni Bruschetta
  • Claudio Corbucci
  • Maura Nuccetelli
  • Diego De Silva
Direttore della fotografia
  • Fabio Olmi
  • Elio Maiello
  • supervisione di
  • Giada Calabria
  • Claudio Cutry
  • Monica Simeone
  • Franco Piersanti
Prodotto da
  • Cross Productions

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Angela Latella lives a happy life in Naples with her husband and two children, with whom she runs an important paint outlet. One day, the family business attracts the attention of a local boss, who starts to make demands that get heavier by the day. Angela however refuses, courageously fending off the threats, and even going against her husband’s wishes. In the meantime, Angela demonstrates another kind of courage, this one more intimate and private; she decides to give her nephew Salvatore a chance. He is the adolescent son of a cousin, who had an affair with a dangerous boss of the camorra before she was killed. Salvatore runs the risk of following in his father’s footsteps. He has already knifed one of his best friends. Angela accepts him into the family, treats him like a son and, day after day, teaches him the value of an honest day’s work, of sacrifice and the pleasure of being honorable. But Salvatore’s father has other plans for him, and starts to seriously harass the Latellas. He replaces the old guard and intensifies the threats and demands for protection money. Angela puts up a fight, refuses to be intimidated and, even if it costs her the family business, which the criminals will put to the torch, succeeds in getting her persecutors arrested and giving Salvatore the chance of living a decent, honest life.


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