Sulla mia pelle

Locandina Sulla mia pelle


Directed by
  • Valerio Jalongo
  • 101'
  • Ivan Franek
  • Vincenzo Peluso
  • Donatella Finocchiaro
  • Stefano Cassetti
  • Mario Scarpetta
  • Antonio Pennarella
  • Riccardo Zinna
  • Gualtiero Rosella
  • Valerio Jalongo
  • Enzo Civitareale
  • Diego De Silva
Direttore della fotografia
  • Alessandro Pesci
  • Giancarlo Muselli
  • Luciana Pandolfelli
  • Carolina Olcese
  • Fabio Felici
  • Paolo Buonvino

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Tony Zanchi had a life, a family, but all of this was before he went to jail, before he spent many years in a claustrophobic cell.
Not much of Tony’s past life is left anymore. Still, he wishes to try to reattach some pieces of his old existence, after all, jail has changed him: he’s more mature, more responsible; even the prison’s psychologists and staff believe so.
A new reality is about to unfold for Tony, being on parole is a marvelous perspective, a breath of fresh air for a man who has known the loneliness of the cell condition.
However, life outside jail is not exactly what Tony dreamt of: everything of his daily life is scheduled with rigid timings due to the liberty-agreement signed by the parole officer.
Bianca and Alfonso, the owners of the dairy “Cimarosa” where Tony has found work outside prison, follow some strict schedules too: their work knows no holidays or Sundays, milk has to be milked anytime it’s necessary and then processed to be turned into cheese. It’s hard work, but it made the family wealth possible, but unfortunately the investments useful to grow needed money, and right now debts are sinking the company.
One day Tony witnesses Alfonso being beat up by some mobsters, it’s clear that the company is falling into the criminal’s hands.
Jail has taught Tony to better mind his own business, he’s under special supervision and he needs to be careful otherwise he could go back to full-time prison. On the other hand, his freedom status is linked to his work at the dairy, losing the company to criminals would also send him back to prison: with no job you have no parole, that’s the law.
Therefore, Tony finds himself caught up in a dangerous game, that crosses rules, barriers and conventions: Alfonso and Bianca are his employers, but they are not able to protect Tony’s work place form the Mob. Between the three of them grows a solidarity bond, especially between Tony and Bianca.
The condition of being half-free is the one of convict on parole, who has to get every night back in his cell.  Half-free are also the people who pay protection money to criminals, who are ruined by loan sharks, who tolerate many abuses, who never seems able to find the courage to fight injustice.
After years in a cell, freedom is a unique joy, a promise of happiness that Tony feels on his very own skin, a ray of sunshine that breaks into jail’s bars.
However, a ray that shines too bright may also blind.



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