Kitchen Break

Locandina Kitchen Break


Directed by
  • Franco Bertini
  • 200x5′
  • Flavio Insinna
  • Franco Mancini
  • Marina Massironi
  • Silvana Mancini
  • Franco Bertini
  • Andrea Blarzino
  • Paolo Cananzi
  • Denny Cecchini
  • Claudio Fois
  • Fabrizio Gasparetto
  • Magda Geronimo
  • Andrea Lolli
  • Paola Mammini
  • Max Orfei
  • Carola Silvestrelli

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‘Done and Dusted’ is a comedy taped with a stationary camera, its point of view coming from the TV set in the kitchen.


Best Sitcom at the Mediamixx 07 International Festival of Albena, Bulgaria.


The Mancinis are a typical middleclass Milanese family, most of the story taking place in the kitchen of their apartment. The lead characters of this domestic comedy are: Papà Franco, the owner of a car hire company, as arrogant and attached to money as he is to the family; Mamma Silvana, a sweet and dreamy high school teacher; their two children, Marco and Alessia, respectively incompetent medical student and high school student. Regular visitors to their kitchen are Franco’s brother, who is always involved in a shady deal or two; Silvana’s sister and her improbable boyfriends; Stewart, a charming next-door neighbor; the lonely and frustrated administrator; the highly intelligent immigrant, who lives in the apartment below; and many others. What do they have in common? They will bring their problems to the Mancini home, and Franco will do his worst to solve them in his favor.


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