Cross Productions

Cross Productions realizes high range products for mainstream tv and invests in experimentation and research for new techniques of production for new market and format

Cross Productions is a company that makes audiovisual products. Founded in July 2013, following Beta Film Gmbh acquisition of the shares of Magnolia Fiction, formerly belonging to Magnolia spa.

Rosario Rinaldo is the President confirming the continuity of production that characterized both Magnolia Fiction activity and Pequod’s, the company he was the founder and sole director of.

The strategy  of Cross Productions is to head for the realization of high range products for mainstream tv and at the same time investing in research and experimentation testing new techniques for the new emergent markets.

The result is a production that ranges from series and miniseries such as Mermaids, Rocco Schiavone, Una Grande Famiglia, to sketch-com like Piloti, up to a real experimentation more and more for a crossmedia market, Il Candidato, 140 seconds, Kubrick.

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